University Life

  • We wish to take this opportunity to welcome all the students to Alupe University College
  • We also extend this welcome to all the academic and administrative staff who have joined us in the Alupe University College fraternity
  • We also wish to thank all those who have worked tirelessly to prepare for this occasion

Event and Traditions

All of us gathered here are pioneers of Alupe University College (students and staff), Pioneer status has a number of related issues

  • Getting the best treatment – pampered lot
  • Improvising and thinking out of the box
  • Hardened by challenges
  • Being the first
  • Being experimented on
  • Challenges of start up
  • Good experiences – small numbers
  • Bad experiences –limited resources
  • Fear of the unknown – what will happen

Pioneers always overcome any challenges because of the knowledge that if you must succeed at all costs through

  • Team work
  • Personal devotion
  • Being selfless, committed
  • What can I offer to the institution rather than what is there for me
  • The drive to survive

Health care

  • Health care of students on campus is solely the responsibility of the student and the parents
  • We encourage all of you to register with NHIF – a monthly contribution of 500/- and you choose a health facility of your choice in Busia County for outpatient but open for inpatient care when registered
  • The Kshs. 1500 fee levied to students is for first aid and emergency assistance as your families are mobilizing themselves to assist you
  • Inform the Dean of students and your family as soon as you begin to feel unwell.


Your security is our concern and so secure yourself first as a precaution

  • The area around campus is relatively safe
  • Do not get into bad company with persons that are security risks
  • Do not bring unknown persons to campus especially the hostels
  • Inform our security, police, Dean of students and other students of suspicious persons
  • Walk in groups in the evening and night to and from the campus and hostels


There are many options to travel in the campus.

  • Transport to town is still scarce but we are working with the local business community to start a commuter service
  • The University Vans will be used for any formal trips for students for academic functions
  • The University vans will be used for organised and timetabled student activities
  • We plan to purchase a University bus
@Alupe University


  • Water – there is a general water problem of piped water in the County – we are working with the Busia water company to ensure some consistency in water supply
  • Power outages are common in the area. We are getting a generator for the library and facilities close to it (catering, hostel, classrooms)
  • Shopping facilities – these are by the roadside of the Malaba- Busia Road in Alupe and Angorom shopping centres and in Busia town

Dining On Campus

Cooking in the rooms is not permitted and is punishable by expulsion from the hostel, Catering services are available on a pay as you eat basis, Be careful where and what you eat to avoid contacting diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid fever, dysentery etc.


Games and Sports we also shine, and note that the students not only participate in sports such as soccer and drama. This year the University College won the Solo Verse category among the 31 Universities that participated.

Arts & Culture

As a way of naturing talents our students demonstated the need and above are the Winners at Alupe University College Cultural Day receiving certificates from the Judges. The two with sashes are Mr and Miss Alupe 2019. Congratulations !

Information Technology

Safety and Security

Health & Wellness

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across.

Fabian EsamaiPrincipal