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Alupe University College (AUC) is a Constituent College of Moi University. It was established through the Alupe University College Order 2015, Gazette Notice No 163 of 24th July 2015. Its Council was constituted vide special gazette notice No.136 of 7th November 2016. 

It is a science focused university with a niche in the health, biomedical/biological, physical, information and agricultural sciences. It also runs programs in education sciences and business management sciences. We also offer courses in Education Arts, business management and hospitality and hotel management.

It was started following a request by the then Busia North community to the then President of Kenya H.E Hon Mwai Kibaki when he visited the area on 18th September 2007. Subsequently it started as the Alupe Campus of Moi University in 2008.

The University College has 200 acres of land in Busia County. It is located 7 Kilometres from Busia town on the Busia – Malaba Road. It is 23 Kilometres from Malaba town. It is situated in Teso South constituency of Busia County and is the only Public University in the Busia County.

Why Join?
Quality Objective
Our Core Values

Why Choose Alupe University College?

  1. Strong focus on high quality education.
  2. Experienced teaching staff and manageable classes allow excellent learning and training.
  3. Innovations made in academic programmes.
  4. Collaborations with research institutions that have both modern equipment and experience research personnel.
  5. The quality of research output will remain impressive, access to state of the art equipment guaranteed and training in research skill certain.
  6. AUC allows for talent nurturing. Students participate in various activities
  7. Student mentorship program. Each student is assigned a mentor who guides the students through their learning experiences.
  8. Outreach programmes are unrivaled as get involved in a range of practicum experiences that make them understand and appreciate neighboring communities and environment.
  9. Cost of living is much affordable for students from different socio economic backgrounds.

The AUC Programmes


  • Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science Medical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy
  • Bachelor of Science Environmental Health
  • Masters in Public Health


  • Bachelor of Science Microbiology
  • Bachelor of Science Parasitology
  • Bachelor of Science Applied Statistics with Computing
  • Bachelor of Science Computer Sciences


  • Bachelor of Education Science
  • Bachelor of Education Arts
  • Bachelor of Education Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Science Counseling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts Community Development


  • Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science Communication and Public Relation
  • Bachelor of Arts Economics
  • Masters in Business Management
  • KASNEB Courses

Quality Objective

The Alupe University College endeavors to attain quality of the utmost level through continuous enhancement of innovation, creativity and applying defects’ processes.


To be a world-class University that is committed to achieving academic excellence, integrity and quality research


To create, evaluate, apply, preserve and share knowledge in a free, open and inclusive environment of intellectual inquiry, for the betterment of society


Bastion of Knowledge

Core Values

Professionalism :   Embrace integrity in teaching, learning and research

Creativity and Innovation : Commitment to promoting and supporting resourcefulness and the advancement of new ideas

Excellence : Commitment to quality teaching, research and service delivery

Good Corporate Governance :  Prudent management of resources and best practice in leadership

Customer focus : Endeavour to provide services that meet the needs of the client

Teamwork : Promotion of a spirit of working together, internally and externally in an open and respectful way

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