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Dr. Victor Meng’wa

Alupe University College vision, mission and core values are very categorical about creation and sharing of knowledge through research, as one of the key functions of the University College enshrined in Paragraph 4c of the Alupe University College order of 2015. The University College endeavours to be a global centre of excellence in research.
AUC is cognizant of role of research in effective teaching, and promotes active research among staff and students. The University College fosters the growth of basic and applied research as complementary and indispensable component of excellence. It supports appropriate funding for both basic and applied research.


The University College supports a rich variety of research excellence particularly in areas it has comparative advantage and develops them as research foci and centres of academic excellence. The centres are profiled in terms of existing research strengths, as well as regional and international needs.

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Office of the Deputy Principal Academics, Research and Students Affairs-ARSA

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In order to achieve its mandate, the office of research was established in the Academic Division to perform the following functions

  1. Coordinate University College research activities under the direction of the Deputy Principal (ARSA)
  2. Collect and maintain University College research records
  3. Scrutinize national government and county government tender bulletins for research contracts and inform
  4. University College researchers through internal memos, notices and such other media. Inform members of AUC
  5. Seek consultancy and contracts related to research and research product development
  6. Assist University College staff with drawing up of contracts in liaison with the Technology Transfer Office.
  7. Liaise with the media and relevant organs of the University College in communicating and publicizing University College research activities.
  8. Identify and alert researchers on international funding opportunities such as those arising from bilateral and multi-national agreements.
  9. To identify worthy research items and to produce regular copies for distribution to the media and potential funders
  10. To undertake any other University College research activities as directed by the Deputy Principal (ARSA).

Research Support

The Alupe University College (AUC) strives to create a vibrant and enabling environment for researchers to push the boundaries of curiosity-driven and innovative research. The research capacity development unit is committed to supporting, encouraging and inspiring researchers to strengthen their track record whilst tackling key societal challenges that benefit communities.

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  2. Research Grant Management
  3. Research Ethics-IREC

Research Focus Areas

AUC’s research strength is closely tied to a theme-based approach that leverages knowledge fields and research platforms for the greatest impact. In this way, we aim to ensure that resources are concentrated on relevant research, and research capacity are consolidated and strengthened. 

Several strategies contribute to this overarching strategy of the University; for example:

  • By establishing theme-based research priorities and platforms that require new ways of doing science, we make it possible for leading and young researchers to engage in complex societal and scientific problems.
  • By bidding and securing, in fields of research strength, we extend the ambit of our engagement and visibility.
  • Partnerships with industry and governments, local and regional, generate the possibility for team science and new networks, and industry-sponsored Research Chairs.

In addition, research entities — Institutes, Centres and Units — are spaces within the University’s structures where research and academic expertise are consolidated and a critical mass established to present exceptional research and postgraduate training opportunities.

Postgraduate Study and Research

At the Alupe University College (AUC) we believe in developing our students to the highest standards to enable them to successfully complete their studies in the minimum possible time and prepare them for the world beyond UP. As a leading research intensive university which is locally and globally relevant, we attract students and researchers from around the world. In order to do this, we offer holistic support throughout the postgraduate lifecycle.

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  • Research Guide
  • Postgraduate Scholarships and Trainings
  • Post Graduate Study Opportunity 

The Alupe University College is nationally and internationally recognised for the quality of its research and the extent of its research outputs. The University’s long-term strategy, AUC Vision 2030, is built on scholarship, research and public engagement in complex contexts that require ambitious targets and focused attention on some of the most pressing challenges of the developing and developed worlds.

The annual research reports and reviews published in recent years provide an overview of some of the University’s achievements over time, while its research networks and partnerships underscore the importance of collaboration in an increasingly global and complex world. 

The AUC libraries maintain an extensive institutional repository of research, as well as of doctoral and master’s theses. This comprehensive electronic archive of the outcomes of research undertaken at AUC is open to the public.

The third edition of the Education Research in Africa Award (ERAA) has now been completed! Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) 29th April 2020 – Launched in late 2018, the third edition of the Education Research in Africa Award (ERAA) has come to an end.

Our Own Deputy Principal-ARSA was among who were awarded