Prof. Esamai Fabian, The Principal
Prof. Esamai Fabian is the Principal Alupe University College (Constituent College of Moi University)
Prof. Peter L. Barasa
Prof. Peter Barasa is the Deputy Principal Academics, Research & Student Affairs
Prof. Emmy Kipsoi
Prof. Emmy Kipsoi, is the Deputy Principal Administration, Finance and Development
Capital University Challenge participation
AUC students participate in engagements that allow them to compete with other Universities to give our students the cutting edge soft skills as well knowledge. In 2018/2019 they are participating in the Capital Markets Authority Challenge and two (2) of its students will be heading to Nairobi for the finals. This is because AUC believes in linking its students with industry; This is aimed at making AUC a little different from many established universities by allowing our students to gauge themselves against their contemporaries.
Prof. John O. Wambani
Prof. John O. Wambani is the Acting Dean, School of Health Sciences
Briefing by DMOH Sio Port Sub-County Hospital
Briefing by DMOH Sio Port Sub-County Hospital
School of Science
School of Science offers the following programmes click to view
Prof. Carolyne Omulando
Prof. Carolyne Omulando is the Acting Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences
School of Education and Social Science Programmes
School of Education and Social Science Programmes, click to view and apply
Damaris wainaina giving feedback
Damaris wainaina giving feedback on findings to the Community in Buuchi Village. Among participants were CHVs, village administrator, ward manager and Sub-County health Management Committee members.
Students of Alupe University College and KEMRI
Students are AUC are equipped with skills and competences right from first year to make their programmes relevant to the society, employer and consumers of AUC products.
AUC values co-curricula activities:
The students not only participate in sports such as soccer and drama. This year the University College won the Solo Verse category among the 31 Universities that participated.
Strategic plan launch
The Principal receiving from KCB a cheque of 100,000 for the strategic plan launch.
The WEST WING Library
The WEST WING of the 1000 Seater Library
Administration block
Side view of the administration block
New Administration block
New Administration block
Inside one of the Lecture room for the School of Science
Inside one of the Lecture room for the School of Science
Students in the current Library2
Students in the current Library face
AUC Management Meeting with KEMRI
Principal AUC signing an MoU with Kenya Medical Research Institute
Mr and Miss Alupe 2019
Mr and Miss Alupe 2019

Financial Support Available to students

1. Higher Education Loans Board (H.E.L.B)

2. Parents

3. Self/Own initiative

4. Constituency Development Funds (CDF)

5. Government Bursaries

6. Well wishers

7. Charitable organizations e.g. Rattansi, Oxfam, Oshwal, Care International e.t.c (Pepfer)

8. Work-study Programme

9. For many of the above cases, students are expected to initiate the process through application.

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

The Higher Education Loans Board Support Government Sponsored students only in Public Universities, This year, HELB was extended support to PSSP students and employers on school based programmes, Also support students in private universities,

They issue application forms annually to eligible students. They have a criteria of awarding loans which range from Kshs. 35,000/= - 60,000/= with a maximum bursary of Kshs. 8,000/=, Loans are disbursed depending on the level of need, Dissatisfied students are allowed to appeal for additional loan on condition that they attach tangible evidence. Students who do not provided honest information are disqualified.

Loans are disbursed twice in an academic year i.e. 1st semester and 2nd semester.

Students can download information from HELB Website.

Constituency Development Funds (CDF)

Various constituency Development Fund programme have varying arrangements of financial support for students from their respective constituencies.

The criteria of award is unclear but applicants fill forms with a space for the Dean of Students to fill as a way of confirming the information given by the applicant is correct. The maximum award per student varies from constituency to constituency.

Government Bursaries - Through the Ministry of Education

The government offers support to need students by way of bursaries through the Ministry of education. Students write letters to the Permanent secretary (M.O.E.)

to request for bursary The criteria is unclear but some students often benefit from these arrangement.



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