KRA Visits to AUC
Kenya revenue authority appreciates Alupe University College as a Tax compliant Institution
Prof. Esamai Fabian, The Principal
Prof. Esamai Fabian is the Principal Alupe University College (Constituent College of Moi University)
Prof. Peter L. Barasa
Prof. Peter Barasa is the Deputy Principal Academics, Research & Student Affairs
Prof. Emmy Kipsoi
Prof. Emmy Kipsoi, is the Deputy Principal Administration, Finance and Development
News to all new students
The letters will be ready for downloading as from 26th April 2018 from the website. Kindly confirm the email address you gave is correct.
Prof. John O. Wambani
Prof. John O. Wambani is the Acting Dean, School of Health Sciences
Dr. Kiptiemoi Korir Kiprono
Dr. Korir Kiprono is the Acting Dean, School of Science
School of Science
School of Science offers the following programmes click to view
Prof. Carolyne Omulando
Prof. Carolyne Omulando is the Acting Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences
School of Education and Social Science Programmes
School of Education and Social Science Programmes, click to view and apply
Dr. Bonuke Ronald
Dr. Bonuke Ronald is the Acting Dean, School of Business, Economics and Human Resource Development
Students of Alupe University College and KEMRI
AUC students of Science will get the opportunity to use some of the best laboratories in the country through a collaboration between AUC and KEMRI
2018/2019 Intake
ADMISSIONS OPEN NOW FOR 2018/2019 Academic Year, Click to apply
Strategic plan launch
The Principal receiving from KCB a cheque of 100,000 for the strategic plan launch.








Prof. Carolyne Omulando,

Ag Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences

The School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) at Alupe University College is a vibrant School geared towards reinventing education and the social sciences for the benefit of Society in the 21st century.

 The School is composed of the following eight (8) Departments:

  1. Department of Educational Management and Policy Studies
  2. Department of Educational Psychology
  3. Department of Educational Foundations
  4. Department of Language and Literature Education
  5. Department of Social Sciences Education
  6. Department of Science and Mathematics Education
  7. Department of Humanities
  8. Department of Curriculum and Educational Media

Within these departments, the School offers six (6) Bachelors degree programmes, seven (7) diploma programmes, one (1) post graduate diploma programme and two (2) Masters degree programmes. All these programmes are designed with an aim to respond to the educational, economic, political, and social issues facing the society.

To this end, the School is wholly committed to providing all its students with quality and relevant knowledge and competencies needed in academics, career, personal and social development to enable each one of them reach their greatest potential as professionals in the various fields of specialization. These abilities should enable every student to be prepared for lifelong learning in the ever changing and competitive world and to become productive citizens of a global society.

In particular, the Social Science degree programmes offer our graduates a wide range of opportunities for employment and career progression in the areas of county and local government and administration, politics, counselling psychology, teaching and lecturing, social work, police administration and management, and town planning. The education degree programmes on the other hand, provide our graduates with a wide range of opportunities for aspiring leaders and practitioners in education related fields. They present significant prospects for career advancement for professionals as school teachers, college instructors/tutors, lecturers, career advisors, school/institution managers, local and county government education managers and administrators, and school text book authors and reviewers.


Play a leading role in transforming the lives of students by responding to learner and community needs through responsive teaching, research, partnerships, innovation, outreach and technology.


Develop responsible citizens by creating opportunities for lifelong learning through the provision of lucrative and comprehensive programmes needed in academic, career, personal and social progression, beneficial for diverse life experiences.

Core Values


Uphold integrity and best practice through quality teaching, learning and research, be reliable and responsible

Academic Excellence

Promote programs and activities that foster the acquisition of desired competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes

Career Responsive

Initiate educational programs that prepare students for meaningful careers, for a dvanced professional training, for the workforce and for citizenship

Creativity and Innovation

Utilize research output to generate novel solutions to economic, political and social problems in the society and industry for development

Knowledge Generation

Create new information that positively impacts on public policy issues in government and non-governmental organizations

Supportive Environment

Cultivate a positive learning and working environment and provide support services for both student and faculty success


Provide support to one another, working co-operatively and respecting one another's views

Continued Learning

Increase academic progression opportunities for the students and entire community


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